Theo Niculae is a Shanghai-based artist with an experimental and eclectic approach to photography and a strive for visual resonance. Born and raised in Romania, Theo developed his passion for photography at a very young age. Having moved to Shanghai in 2015, he immersed himself in the city’s vibrant culture.

Architecture, movement, and the human body form the foundation of Theo’s visual art. Being a professional architect, Theo draws a lot of inspiration from the urban diversity of the city, exploring all aspects of the locations he photographs in, and finding dramatic and constantly evolving backdrops for his work.

Pursuing improvised, inimitable often high-risk moments, Theo allows the artists to project a fluid identity for the camera and showcase a different persona in each photo. His methods of refining movement can confidently translate positions and emotions from the three-dimensional world into two-dimensional space.

His unique way of interpreting the cityscape and integrating it into his concepts and his specialized methods of capturing movement have brought him collaboration with international brands and institutions such as UFC, ONE Championship, and the Romanian National Olympic Committee where he photographed the Olympic and World Champions.